<p>The light chain (a series of points of light) has its high season at Christmas. They come in various designs. From the candle-shaped lights to LED lights the variety of sizes, shapes and colors is great. Light chains are probably the most used Christmas lights. They adorn homes, gardens, doors and the Christmas tree. And the light chain is flexible to install. At the window various patterns and figures can be formed. The warm light of&nbsp; the light chain looks always inviting and exudes a welcoming warmth. Although the personal taste is mainly used in the selection of the appropriate light chain, it is important to distinguish between outdoor and indoor lights. Lights for the outdoor use are better designed to withstand the ingress of moisture and outside weather conditions. Outdoor lights are therefore protected with a correspondingly high degree of ingress protection (minimum IP44). The light chain is also available with a wireless remote control on the market. Such light chains are very practical for large christmas trees. The decoration with those light chains has become a very relaxed venture, problems with the distances between the individual points of light and tangled cables are here at the past.</p>