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TRILUX Inperla C2 MR 1TCT13 E UR 03
TRILUX Inperla C2 MR 1TCT13 E UR 03 Product CODE : 5184204
Safety class / Certification

Inperla C2 MR 1TCT13 E UR 03 Recessed ceiling light, Others, others of the brand TRILUX.
Color: others, Material: other metals with shiny Surface. Safety class: I, Form of protection DIN 40050: IP20 Certification: CE, ENEC, Fire protection "F"

General information  
Luminaire type Recessed ceiling light, Others  
Style Modern  
Light - direction direct, direct / indirect  
Light - allocation/distribution symmetrical  
Shape / Form Round  
Switching function On / Off on site  
Form of protection DIN 40050 IP20  
Certification CE, ENEC, Fire protection "F"  
Safety class I  
Color others  
Material other metals  
Surface shiny  
Dimension body 276 x - x 100 mm  
Lamp count 2  
Fitting group 1  
Socket G24q-1, Pin / Plug socket  
Control gear / converter for lamps 1 EVG Standard  
Fitting group 2  
Socket GX24q-1, Pin / Plug socket  
Additional information  
Use / Location Indoor  
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