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Trizo21, is a Belgian Company, that designs and manufactures contemporary lighting fixtures of the highest quality that can be used for a large variety of lighting purposes, going from private home applications, over commercial surfaces and hotels up to complete business centers.All products are fully designed and assembled internally. Next to being original, special attention is given to technical perfection, quality of the material and the finishing touch. Suppliers/partners are chosen for their quality craftsmanship and flexibility. As an example, products are made of solid aluminum, which results in seamless fixtures for any interior and exterior application.The choice of Belgium as production location, the userfriendlyness of the hang-up systems and the superiority of the light effect, such as the color steadiness of the LED, highly contributes to the reputation of Trizo21.In addition Trizo21 highly cares for the environment, which translates in durability and minimal energy consumption of the lighting fixtures. Therefore products such as the Izor, the Tizor, the Cri-ate, etc Ǡ work with economic bulbs which reduce consumption combined with quality of light.All the above leads to an excellent price/quality relation, which motivates the Architects, the Interior Designers and the Lighting Consultants to recommend our products in their projects.