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Enthusiasm right from the start

In 1912, enthusiasm for light was transformed into a company. Motivated by his own desire to create 'new light' over and over, the company founder Wilhelm Lenze attached great importance to intensive research and development, right from the beginning.

Tireless innovative strength coupled with a deeply rooted consciousness for quality and a permanently vigilant eye on the needs of customers was the way Wilhelm Lenze began the TRILUX success story around 100 years ago. And that's the way it continues.

100 years of success

What began with simple luminaire systems soon led to the first pioneering innovation: luminaires with a threefold lumen output – a milestone with which the company not only conquered the German market. Since then, TRILUX has proven the effectiveness of its innovational strength time and again and on a global scale, with forward-looking lighting systems and components as well as in the medical technology sector.

Until today in fact, TRILUX follows one main objective: making light better and better, both for people and the environment. A vision with responsibility that TRILUX approaches with state-of-the-art LED innovation and continuous optimisation of energy efficiency. And of course an intensive customer communication that makes it possible for TRILUX to create new trends, again and again. Or put another way: New Light.